Samsung Installing Keyloggers

This is bad enough, but I can’t help asking what is going on with Samsung Android phones. From plain lies (like I5700 Spica is ‘not powerful enough” to run Froyo) to the requirement to upgrade the ROM only at authorized service centers. And as the ROMs are obviously modified by Samsung, it begs the question what kind of info is being sent to them from the phones and tablets.


Setting up Scala, SBT and IntelliJ IDEA for Android development

This is a brief description of the setup process for those, who are too lazy to find out for themselves or don’t want to waste time on this. And yes, I am using Windows 7.
We’ll be using sbt 0.7.4, Scala 2.8.1 and IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2 Community Edition. The inclusion of the Android IDE in IDEA is nice, but we’ll use the IDE for it’s Scala editing capabilities.
I assume you already have Scala, Java SDK and Android SDK installed, and JAVA_SDK_HOME, ANDROID_SDK_HOME, SCALA_HOME and PATH variables set correctly.



Please uninstall the versions prior to 2.5 before installing the last one.

TCP connection tunneling via an existing proxy, which supports the CONNECT method and has the needed ports open.

Now there is some authorisation support, but you may need to either use a dedicated proxy (Privoxy) on an on-line server, or use something like 3proxy, providing authorisation for the parent proxy.

Now it restars after reboot if the widget is enabled

Needs root access. Make sure to STOP the application before uninstalling, thus it will revert to your original settings.